Outdoor Lighting

At LDI Landscape, we can help you to implement outdoor lighting to illuminate dark areas, set the mood, or keep your home and business secure.

Enjoy Your Middle Georgia Lawn!

Some of the lighting we can install on your property includes:

  • Pathway light
  • Landscape lighting
  • Signage
  • Spotlight
  • In-ground lights
  • Step lights

Outdoor Lighting Design & Installation In Macon GA

One of the most beautiful ways to improve the landscape that LDI Landscape creates for your home is with outdoor lighting. We specialize in professional design and installation services that are tailored to the homeowner’s specifications. We can create a peaceful lightscape that will extend the beauty of your landscape into the evening for hours of enjoyment. We can also install lights that will improve the security of your home. LDI Landscape eliminates outside contractors and provides personal service in-house with our trained employees by providing a 24 hour turnaround time for any questions and concerns. Outdoor lighting will enhance the overall value of your property while providing safety, security, and pleasure. With lighting services from LDI Landscape, your home can be the focus of the neighborhood with its radiant, welcoming glow!

Pathway Light

Guide visitors to your home, or illuminate the beautiful pathway through your garden with pathway lights. You can choose the light fixtures that you like best to provide some light in the nights. If you want more than ground lighting, you can install lighting over your latticework or string lights above your pathways to create the right mood when the evening comes.

Landscape Lighting

If you have beautiful trees, bushes, water features, or other landscape designs that you would like to highlight, some landscape lighting can help to focus attention on the smaller details. Not only will this show off your home or businesses greenery, but it can provide some ambient light for the property as a whole.


Whether you need a lit sign or a few small lights to cast some light on a “welcome” post, you can add some signage lighting to your home or business. Allowing those who visit you during the night to easily read any postings or notifications will help to inform people about events, potential hazards, or anything else!


Bring security to your home by adding a few spotlights. Whether they stay on all night or are activated by motion, some spotlights for your home or business can allow you to view anything you need in the dark as well as upgrade your security by diminishing shadows and deterring would-be criminals.

In-Ground Lighting

For some truly elegant options, you can choose in-ground lighting. These lights will shine brightly and illuminate areas of interest without fixtures jutting out of the ground. Whether you need to spotlight some trees, illuminate a path, or simply create a comfortable patio setting, in-ground lighting is a great option.

Step Lights

Don’t trip! Install step lights so that you, your guests, or your patrons are always able to see the next step. These can be leading to entrances and exits, on steps from the porch into the yard, or used along a pathway to show a change in elevation so all who travel it in the dark know where they are going.

For all of your outdoor lighting needs, contact LDI Landscape today. Our expert team will work with you to bring you exactly what you need, and make your Macon home or business shine brightly in the day or night!

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