Once you’ve created a beautiful landscape with LDI, you’ll want to keep it looking amazing all year long. By installing an irrigation system, you’ll be able to make your property stand out! If you’re having problems with your current irrigation system, we can also fix any issues so that it will continue to work for many years to come.


Whether you have a vague idea of what you’d like, or no idea at all, the crew at LDI Landscape will be able to help you design the perfect irrigation system for your home or business. When we visit your property, we will discuss what will work best for your property and find out what you are hoping to achieve. After that, we will come up with a design and plan to implement it.


After everything is designed, we will install your new system. We can add a few simple sprinkler heads to cover your home’s yard, or we can implement more complex designs built to keep various plants and trees watered at their desired levels. We treat every single job with the same amount of care, no matter how small or large!


Are you having issues with your current irrigation system? Nothing lasts forever, but we can fix any of your problems. From broken pipes to controller malfunctions, our teams are able to quickly assess and resolve the situation.

Valve Locating

If you are needing maintenance or upgrades to your irrigation system, you will most likely need to find the sprinkler valves. Sometimes this can be a problem if the valves are covered by grass, mulch, or even buried under the dirt without a standard valve box. The team at LDI will be happy to help you find the sprinkler valves on your property so that they can be properly maintained at all times. 

Rain Sensors

If you’ve ever felt like a fool because you accidentally had your sprinklers running in a storm, we’ve got you covered! We can install a rain sensor that will automatically switch your irrigation system off if there is rainfall, so your lawn will never be double watered again.

Lightning Damage Repair

If your Georgia home or business has recently been struck by lightning and it is affecting your irrigation system, LDI Landscape will be able to find the problems and come up with a solution that will work for you and won’t break the budget.

Pump and Controller Repair

If your water pump and controller is not operating up to snuff, our teams can either repair or replace the unit so that it can continue distributing and regulating your water supply.


If you have problems with standing water, we can improve your drainage systems! One of the ways that we can manage this issue is with the addition of French Drains. These devices help move water buildup away from your property. 

Call Today

If you are ready to install an irrigation system at your Middle Georgia home or business, or your current system isn’t operating properly, give LDI Landscape a call. We can handle anything, and will work hard to exceed your expectations. We also offer tree care or removal, construction services, lawn care, hardscaping, and more! No matter what your landscape needs are, LDI has it covered. Call our office now!