If you are tired of a boring and drab yard or entryway,

we can help!

Our experienced crews are ready to put their construction knowledge to work for you and make your outdoor areas finally live up to their potential. Call us now to discuss your dreams and explore your options.

Make the most of your landscape!

LDI Landscape offers the following construction services:

  • Installation and design
  • Irrigation systems
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Water features
  • Woodworking 
  • And more!

Many landscaping companies only offer a few services, but LDI Landscape is proud to provide a wide variety of outdoor beautification options. Get in touch with our team today to unlock the true potential of your property. Learn a little bit about our construction services here.

Installation and Design

You may have an idea of what you would like your yard to look like, and you may not. Either way is totally fine! We are here to help you realize your dreams or create a custom plan for you. Our team of landscape designers will work with you to create the perfect setup, and then our construction crews will get to work implementing the design and installing trees, shrubs, walkways, and more.

Irrigation Systems

It’s very important to make sure all of your plants have the water they need. Georgia is a hot place, and without the right amount of moisture, many beautifully designed landscapes can shrivel away into nothingness. Adding an irrigation and sprinkler system to your property is a convenient way to give all of your plants and grasses the care that they need so they can thrive!

Outdoor Lighting

Enjoy your beautiful garden, entryway, or hangout spot all day and all night! By adding pathway lighting, landscape lights, in-ground lights, and step lights to your home, you will increase the appeal of your property! Not only will your house or business look better, it can become safer too. By adding spotlights and walkway lights, you will always be able to see those entering your property, and you won’t miss any steps as you are walking to the door. Contact LDI Landscape today to learn about all of our various options for lighting on your property.

Water Features

The soft trickling of water can help to create your own resort! Whether you want a waterfall, koi pond, pondless waterfall, or fountain, we can accomodate you. Our water features will allow you to enjoy outdoor activities even more than ever before. If you are worried about limited space or standing water, we can work with you to determine a solution. There is always enough space for a playful water feature!


Having an outdoor structure like a deck or gazebo is a wonderful way to entertain guests and enjoy the fresh air. If you would like a beautiful wooden structure on your property, the team at LDI Landscape will work with you! With more than 20 years of experience in building and designing some of Georgia’s best kept wood structures, we can join with you to create anything you want.

Get in touch with the professionals at LDI Landscape today! No matter what your next outdoor construction project is, we have the expertise to handle it. We love serving Middle Georgia, and can’t wait to join with your home or business now to make your property stand out!

We Specialize in All Your Tree Service Needs



No matter how large or small the job may be, we approach it with the same dedication and attention to detail. Trust us to treat your trees like the masterpieces they are.

Tree Services

Tree Services

Regular shaping and care lead to healthy, enduring trees. Let us help your business’ trees thrive while protecting them from weather damage.



An old, brittle tree is property damage waiting to happen. Choose our proactive removal services. We’ll carefully remove your tree and leave your property clean and safe.