Commercial Landscaping

As summer approaches in Georgia, you prepare to face the heat and humidity that can wreak havoc on commercial landscaping. Strategic planning becomes essential to keep your multifamily community’s gardens and lawns lush. In this article, you will learn to select drought tolerant plants, efficient irrigation methods, and design choices to minimize maintenance.

Focus on Heat-Tolerant Plants

For commercial landscaping in Middle Georgia during the hot summer months, choose plants that can withstand the heat and humidity. Some excellent options include ornamental grasses like Muhly Grass and Pampas Grass, succulents, and shrubs like Abelia and Dwarf Yaupon Holly. Another option is low-maintenance perennials for a splash of color with minimal fuss, like Salvia and Coneflower. All of these options add vibrancy and texture to landscaping and thrive in the Georgia heat.

Watering Efficiently

With the hot and dry weather in Middle Georgia, it is important to water commercial landscaping efficiently. Water early in the morning before the sun is intense to minimize evaporation. Group plants with similar light and water needs together so you do not over water some while under-watering others. You may also consider drip irrigation to deliver water slowly to the base of plants, which helps the water soak into the soil before too much can be lost to evaporation. Adding mulching 3 to 4 inches thick around the plants and in flowers beds will help the soil hold in moisture. During the summer months it is critical to water plants more frequently to avoid heat stress.

Schedule Maintenance

While the summer heat and humidity make us want to stay inside, it is important to continue maintenance of commercial landscaping. Schedule pruning, weeding, mowing, and pest control to avoid landscape damage or the spread of disease. Prune shrubs after flowering to promote new growth, and mow lawns the proper height for the grass type. With consistent care and attention, commercial landscaping in Middle Georgia can remain lush and vibrant even during the hottest summer months.

Include Seating Areas

Seating areas allow residents to congregate and socialize, fostering a sense of community. A mix of seating option – benches, chairs, tables, swings – appeals to different preferences. Shade structures like canopies, and pergolas, as well as strategically placed shade trees provide protection from the Georgia sun.


As the summer heat arrives in Georgia, implementing smart landscaping strategies at your multifamily community will pay off. By selecting native, drought tolerant pants, improving irrigation efficiency, and scheduling regular maintenance you can create an outdoor environment that thrives during the hot summer months. Your residents will appreciate the curb appeal and comfort of a well-landscaped property. With some thoughtful preparation and planning, your community can maintain beautiful green spaces all summer long. Proper landscaping is a wise investment that boosts aesthetics, incr5ease4s property value, and enhances the quality of life for your residents.